Hard Work is Not Enough to Induce The Right Career

Life is not truthful, particularly within the workplace. In edge: Turning affliction into advantage, Laura Huang offers a new strategy for unique value in the face of obstacles. “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”. Yes, it’s true – Persistence always wins! There is a very famous story of WALT DISNEY who […]

How Efficient Health Care can help a business to Grow

Several researches are going on health care industry and they aim to try to find out answers of questions like: How the health care industry be made more efficient? How can employees be motivated to take better care of themselves and customers? How improving patient outcomes in Haiti can be related with financial accounting?  A […]

How to Work From Home

REMOTELY WORK MANAGEMENT FROM HOME In order to increase the productivity while working from home remotely all through this time where a pandemic named “coronavirus” has infected large numbers of peoples across the world. You can still maintain your productivity while working from your home itself and here are some tips that will fetch you […]

CV Tricks

Using powerful buzzwords on your CV can create it stand out from the other. Always keep in mind, the goal of your CV is to induce you associate in nursing an interview, not to tell your life to the interviewer. Additionally use a couple of CV action words , also called CV power words. The […]

USA vs Huwaei

Case Study – WHO’S THE WINNER IN COLD WAR – HUWAEI OR the USA? As per this case study, There’s COLD WAR 2.0 between the China and USA we tend to all understand Huawei could be a leading international supplier of data and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and sensible devices. Its a china based company […]

Positive in Negative

Some good things which are happening even in this tough time…! Currently, the situation is not getting in control due to this pandemic called “COVID – 19 and thus, government has declared lockdown for some days because there is no other option left to combat with this situation. But ultimately, this fact is very true […]


First of all you all need to know is what is a cover letter? Cover letter is a letter attached with your resume written to the organisations to demonstrate yourself for any specific vacancy. You need to follow the following steps while writing the cover letter:- 1) HEADER2) GREETING3) THE OPENING PARAGRAPH a) impressive qualification […]

Be A Business Leader

6 MAIN TRAITS THAT SET TOP BUSINESS LEADER APART 1) They clarify the complex Good leaders always clarify the complexes and reduces communications barriers. They always try to energize their colleagues and employees. Learning to lead in complex environment is a vital skill for any leader. They always communicate with their employees and try to […]

Covid-19 Precautions

PRECAUTIONS THAT YOU MUST TAKE FOR COVID – 19 This pandemic which is called as “CORONAVIRUS OR COVID – 19” is still affecting people’s life in all aspects. Almost every country is facing severe impacts from this pandemic and therefore, you also need to take precautions in order to keep your family and yourself safe. […]

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