How Efficient Health Care can help a business to Grow

Several researches are going on health care industry and they aim to try to find out answers of questions like: How the health care industry be made more efficient? How can employees be motivated to take better care of themselves and customers? How improving patient outcomes in Haiti can be related with financial accounting?  A […]

How Small Businesses Can Survive The Corona Virus Outbreak

The social distancing is not only social distancing but also economic distancing. “This is an economic Tsunami”. This lockdown in India resulted to stop work of the labourers or day to day workers who earn their daily living. A month ago, people were going to restaurants, malls, buying vehicles, purchasing new houses, etc, now these […]

Why Ethical People Become Unethical Negotiator

Negotiation may be a thoughtful method between two or a lot of actors (parties) who try out different measures to gain an edge over an important topic, asset, transaction, agreement or project. Negotiation skills embrace the variety of negotiation techniques negotiators use to form worth and claim worth in their deal creating business negotiations and […]

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