As we know that COVID – 19 has affected large number of lives and some of them have slept on a death bed due to this pandemic. So, it eventually shows that how much doctors are important to this world! Our Health care workers are working 24 hours’ day and night to save lives of people and so, health care workers are facing a lot of challenges.

Here some of them which shows that how our healthcare workers are fighting everyday: –

1.PPE (Personal Protective Equipment’s) unavailability:
Currently, health care workers are facing shortages of Personal Protective Equipment’s such as face masks, respirators and Gowns. These PPE’s are especially important for doctors who are treating COVID – 19 patients to cure them. If they will get infected, then it will become a very dangerous threat for the whole world because COVID – 19 is spreading all over the world very rapidly.

2.Long working hours:
As I have mentioned above that our health care workers are constantly working 24 hours without a break which can turn out to be dangerous for their own health. It can lead them to infection and therefore, it is very important for them to work in a shifts.

3.Threat for HCW’S:

Irresponsible persons are a big threat to our health care workers and it is also shown in the daily news that how these persons are demoralizing and disrespecting our health care workers despite of knowing that they are saving other people lives to whom these irresponsible persons are demoralizing. This is a very shameful act these persons are doing and hence these types of persons should get a very heavy punishment.

4.Infection risk have increased:

As per the recent reports, HCW’s are getting infected and some of them got dead as well. But the whole world cannot afford doctors to get sick when every single person wants doctors at their best in treating and saving others life. The country already has shortage of graves due to large numbers of people deaths and the isolation wards and centers are also getting overloaded due to this pandemic.

5.Lack of public support:

Health care workers are not getting full support of public instead they are getting dominance from the public which are absolutely not acceptable. When doctors are ready to take risk of their own life in order to save other’s life then why public can’t support them? Those people who are demotivating and behaving wrongly with doctors are creating trouble for themselves too. So it is important for public to understand and support doctors in their work.

We can only combat this pandemic of COVID – 19 when we all gets unite and ready to support doctors or healthcare workers by following all those steps which they told us to follow like washing hands, avoid touching the face, cover face, and so on. In addition to it, we should also help doctors in lessening all these above mentioned challenges which are being face by our (heroes) health care workers.

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