Cyber Investigation and Laws

Technologies are critical in most of the sectors worldwide. Huge access requirements and complex networks have given breathe to cybercrime, an aftermath and a challenge concerned to organisations.

Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws is a skill-based professional programme, with duration of 6-12 months, where-in individuals are exposed to advanced learning of technology dynamics and in-depth concepts of Cyber security. The course imparts theoretical and practical knowledge both. As bracing as it sounds, an individual sign up for a whole new horizon in the field and learns software design & development, ethical hacking, digital analysis and assessments in compliance to legal framework.

The programme is defined to extend your areas of interest across varied sectors. Governments are funding huge investments on Cyber Lawyers, in order to protect their business interests and National security. Even financial institutions and legal-work organizations show huge interest and invest big in claiming security expertise.

A candidate is required to have cleared all examination of 10+2 level from a recognized board. Please note that stream is not a barrier to take up the course and admissions are based on merit as well as exam specific to independent academic institutions.

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