Digital Marketing

Business depend significantly on digital platform available. Digital marketing is being carried out through internet and electronic sources. Institutes across the nations offer diverse range of courses in digital marketing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing is a 1.5-year program in which candidates are exposed to learning and creation of web banner ads, e-mails and branding domains through social media and search engine optimization (SEO) etc. being used as tools. The scope of digital marketing is beyond horizons. Aspirants can find work opportunities for the positions like Digital Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Search Engine Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer etc. Also, many digital marketing agencies invest immensely on man power, creating new opportunities altogether. The platform is so evolving that business has never been able to emerged completely which makes it even a better field for individuals who think out of the box.

A candidate must have obtained bachelor’s degree with clearance in one subject of marketing or creative field as mandate, from any recognized university to be eligible to shape career in the field.

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