Forensic Accounting

It is clearly an achievement in the era of globalization, where organisations transact in crores almost every day. Unfortunately, business frauds like security scams, accounting fraud and tax evasion have been simultaneously soaring ever since. This erroneous attainment has surged a career aspect in the field of accounting, specifically called Forensic Accounting.

Understanding need of the hour, courses in specialised skills have been curated and a no. of institutes offer a 1-year programme of Diploma in Forensic Accounting where a candidate learn the concepts of Analysis, Legal Investigation, Anti-laundering, Corporate Intelligence Services, Contract Compliance, and other detailed cases. Career front is quite responsive as the Forensic Accountants, or the Experts, can offer their services in Banking, Accounting Firms, MNCs, and many other organisations associated to financial services.

Eligibility criteria for a candidate is to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in related field. Also, professionals – CA, CS and CFAs in allied areas can also make a career choice in it. Additionally, there are some certificate courses in Forensic Accounting which can be pursued post having graduation degree only.

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