Holistic Nutrition

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition is 12-18-month program that traverses the relevance of food in creating good shape. The course has a complex and planned structure which comprises varied nutritional convictions through various aspects and viewpoints. Study includes a blend of Ayurvedic, Traditional and Western medicine. Program follows theoretical and practical approach both and embrace cuisine and objective sessions.

Since the holistic nutrition deals with whole-life approach, it further includes a specific cultural method that interconnects everything related to a person and the environment. The course focuses primarily on understanding individual’s strength and weakness, upon which different approaches are based. Learned personnel have opportunities in food, medical and other fields of science. An individual can also work as a freelancer or a consultant post relevant work experience.

A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level of examination to be eligible to shape career in the field of nutrition. Admission is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct entrance exam to check nutrition understanding of a candidate.

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