How Efficient Health Care can help a business to Grow

Several researches are going on health care industry and they aim to try to find out answers of questions like: How the health care industry be made more efficient? How can employees be motivated to take better care of themselves and customers? How improving patient outcomes in Haiti can be related with financial accounting? 

A discussion of HBS faculty members take place about their research and what it means for patients, providers, an for other industries. 

Digital Doctor Days are gone when doctors were made fun over their handwriting as the place of pen and paper is taken away by keyboards. It handles the data more efficiently and it saves time also as everything is very organised. A large no. Of data can be easily stored and processed 

The productivity of system can be measured by technical capability. Overall,it can be said that increased use of electronic health records and greater delegation will be proportional to higher production. That will increase the clinician productivity as EHR perform multiple tasks simultaneously and will give clinical staff a relax so they can perform their duties better. 

Research Reflections According to a research by Laura Huang and her 

According to a research by Laura Huang and her colleagues if a women with heart attack is treated by a female doctor then almost one out of 66 women have more chances of survival in that case. 

Researchers went through a census records of 582,000 patients admitted to Florida emergency rooms from 1991 to 2010 for acute myocardial infarc‐ tions or AMI, commonly known as heart attack. Of those, between 1,500 to 3,000 fewer women survived as they were lucky enough to get treated by a women. 

Healthy Competition Quite frankly, we need less acute care facilities and more preventative options. Hospitals and the drug companies are funded by sick people. Conservative, evidence based preventive and treatment programs dosed by technicians, not doctorate level people are key. This industry is ripe for disruption- but so well entrenched with the FDA and pharmaceutical companies it will be difficult. “Standard of Care” needs to be reexamined. The real competition would require opening the floodgates to allow highly trained foreign medical practitioners work in this country. Current exorbitant provider costs have few justifications, Bringing these down to normal levels would help weed out inefficient hospitals and trim layers of fat from insurance management bureaucracy. 

German Style Drug Pricing 

German Style Drug Pricing The German drug pricing process installed by IQWIG and the GBA is basically a structured price negotiation process, originally intended to give payers a lever to negotiate prices while securing access to medicines The process is transparent, systematic and accessible to all: payers, physicians and patients. The advantage for the industry is long term stabilty, secured reimbursement, and a garanteed price floor. But it is not in sync with the nature of pharma science often delivering incermental innovations that also add value. It is very much focused on break-through improvements in clinical benefits. The US price finding process is certainly less transpar‐ ent and less effecient due to the de-centralized nature of the payer system, but more dynamic over time, and more effective at reducing net prices over the lifetime of a drug. Adopting European policies to the US basically requires a change in the ‘Weltanschauung’ of policy makers – moving from a competition based healthcare industry focused on maximum innovation, choice and service to a regulated healthcare industry where broad access and a framework of stability is prioritized. I doubt the US healthcare system is ready to accept structured price negotiations – the mindset is simply too different and the payer landscape too diverse. 

Consumer Driven Health Insurance Vitality, a South Africa based company is providing innovative health care insurance. Customers paying for self care would definitely improve health care system. Encouraging consumers to be better advocates for their own health is obviously an important aspect of a nation’s healthcare. Unfortunately this proposal does nothing to address the dysfunction, inefficiencies and ineffective systems or poorly performed medical treatments in the current system. 

How Efficient Health Care can help a business to Grow

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