We sleep in a society wherever being a WOMEN is continued to a curse for some ladies and amazingly it’s one of the reason is gender stereotypes that hold women back in the workplace . we tend to invariably assume that men are more intelligent at some of the subjects like science, maths, and technology.

India is considered as most developing country with a good high growth rate. Women in India earned over half of undergraduate degrees in both information technology [51.9%] and sciences [51.3%] however remained under represented in engineering and technology undergraduate degrees overall [31.7%] in 2017-18.

Yet women in India are only 30% of the Information Technology workforce and only about 10% of the computer science researchers. Women are more hesitated to share their ideas in group discussions on these subjects. Even when having the talent to relinquish a brand new plan or to prove somebody wrong however still, they back out as a result they lack self-esteem and approximate their own abilities.

The theory behind this is the “CONFIDENCE GAP” the theory holds that women feel less confident than men in their own skills, and in an exceedingly company world that rewards horn tooters quite the common-or-garden, women’s tendency to avoid promoting themselves and their accomplishments suggests that they’re ignored f

or big projects, leadership roles and pay raises. This gender gap has been stretched from the past, for instance, Researchers point out to both physical and psychological factors . as a result, men are “naturally” larger and stronger than women and women are “incapacitated” by accouchement, men have traditionally been assigned to more strenuous and dangerous positions, such as hunters and warriors, whereas women were relegated to domestic labor and activities compatible with childcare.

The current work environment isn’t contributing to protect women. The sustainability of one’s ambition needs mastery of a talent and acknowledgment for that talent . Maintaining one’s ambition conjointly depends on a belief that you are likely to succeed. we tend to see that a lot of highly qualified women aren’t receiving recognition and encouragement and that they don’t see a transparent path to success.

we tend to have seen that many high achieving women struggle with their confidence. These women don’t have faith in their talent or ability to perceive their personal power. It’s explicit that on one hand men are seeming to overestimate their skills and on the other hand women are likely to underestimate their skills, this is essentially imposter syndrome a phenomenon in which high achieving women believe that they are really not bright and fool anyone else who feels like.

A presumably downside among women is that we are more prone to perfectionism than men. And not simply we tend to limit it to our work lives however women like to be perfect as mothers, wives, home builders as cooks. What sucks the women most is that the overthinking which invariably drives them to be perfect instead ends up in the spending of unnecessary time and energy on work over-analyzing, re-doing things, over and over again. “If you always need to be perfect, the psychological downside of trying something you might be less than perfect at is enormous.”

We all know that no one is perfect and although the craving of perfectionism, however, we started believing that all others except me are good enough, smart enough. Everybody else is more proficient and a lot in than women tend to do at workplace. We tend to fuel our low self-esteem with negative self-talk daily.

Our worry of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Although if a woman is confidence but still there’s invariably a fear in the minds of women being harassed. Sometimes reservation at public places like metro shows gender stereotypes that affirmative women need high security. Consistent with this reservation it shows women section is weaker and that they need a reservation.

In order to change the parameters that work against us, we, ladies got to lead off that. We can’t sit around impotently till somebody changes the gender stereotypes, pay gap or confidence gap for us. We’d like to target on feeling higher regarding ourselves so we can have the inner confidence to stand up for ourselves.

That is when we will be heard and acknowledged, seen and valued for who we are, rather than what we’re supposed to be during this lop-sided world. That is what will set true amendments in motion. In summary, I feel that workplace culture needs to change. With this more women will thrive in an exceedingly female friendly environment, free from bias and assumptions based on gender. Companies need to address their cultural issues to assist promote and retain more proficient women.

But women also need to be liable for taking control of their own career destiny and understand how their belief systems and behavioral patterns sabotage their efforts to advance.

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