Microsoft Excel

Excel skill is a prerequisite in almost every next organisation and a job aspirant should understand the basic concepts of excel. Since the software programme is extensive to complex formulas, the Diploma course is everything from fundamentals to advanced formulas.

Diploma in Microsoft Excel is a defined course, laying down fundamentals and advancements techniques of the software. Excel is a relevant skillset for an individual as the programme is quite functional while having conventional interface. The course runs for 6-12 months encompassing basic excel functions, further proceeding to advanced excel and complex methods of calculations. Excel is diversified in a way that it performs even better than good number of similar software. The distinctive approach to carry out and integrate myriad numbers make this course to play a dominant role in placements.

The diploma course in excel is for beginners and need no prior knowledge or conceptual understanding. A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level of qualification to take up the course and admission is based on merit in achieved eligible qualification.

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