Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence was far-fetched until last few years. Technologies are advancing almost every hour. New learning and expertise are now a need of the hour. Institutes across the continents offer course in the subject matter.

Diploma Course, that runs for 6-12 months, in the field of Neural Networks and Deep Learning is a well-crafted programme, based on focused learning of ground concepts in Neural Networks and provides deep learning of associated terms. The course follows practical approach of learning and lays the foundation in Deep Learning Specialization.

In-depth acquaintance of the subject helps in developing AI systems and other applications. Professionals are expected to land jobs in IT Sector and a few years’ practice may help in shaping an individual’s own career path, as in self-employment.

A candidate must have obtained graduation degree in Science or equivalent with a minimum consolidated score of 50% from any recognized university. Admission to the programme is on merit basis followed by an interview to understand individual’s existing skills.

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