Diploma in Neuroplasticity is a 12-18-month professional program that revolves around the brain plasticity and explores new dimensions and abilities of brain to evolve and adapt the advancements. The program enhances the ability to rewire the brain effectively. It further develops mental flexibility to adapt changing habits and alteration of memories through several techniques and research. The diploma course focuses on consonant growth and improvement of life through the process of neural plasticity. Several practical techniques are the elements through which a brain learns to overcome procrastination and neutralise the memories.

As a career aspect, individuals begin to feel more confident and content which, as a response, enhances the work opportunities in the fields like academic institutions, hospitals, industries, etc. Professionals may work as counsellors or set up own business and cater to needs of the clients.

A candidate is required to have obtained bachelor’s degree in Science stream from a recognized university to be eligible for the program. Admission is based on merit and exam conducted by the institutes.

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