Nutrition and Child Care

A baby is initially nurtured in the womb and then throughout our lives. Nevertheless, the phase post birth is equally relevant in child nutrition. The need has introduced to a new aspect of study as Child Nutrition. Several professional programs run around the globe in order to provide techniques to parents and aspirants looking out for profession out of child nutritional consulting, understanding nutrition at core for children.

Diploma in Child Nutrition is a professional program covering wide concepts like categories of nutrition, relevance of nutrition in daily diet, and nutritional requirements & proportions. The course encompasses details on food allergies and other food-related issues in children. Diploma Course guides you through varied phases, helping an individual to be an expert or consultant in child nutrition. Work opportunities are usually in schools, hospitals, healthcare centres and related organisations like NGOs.

Since the work is concerned with children at all ages, work professionals are required to develop an effective interpersonal relationship as a prerequisite to shape career in the field. A candidate is required to have completed senior school level of examination from any recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admissions are on merit except some institutes which conduct a review/exam.

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