Positive in Negative

Some good things which are happening even in this tough time…!

Currently, the situation is not getting in control due to this pandemic called “COVID – 19 and thus, government has declared lockdown for some days because there is no other option left to combat with this situation. But ultimately, this fact is very true that even in the bad times there is always something positive and actually it is.

Now you were thinking that what is positive in this tough situation? That’s what this article is all about! Here are positive things which are happening in this world even in this bad time of our country: –


Before this situation nobody has looked after this one of the important factor of water quality. Generally, everybody is used to throw garbage’s into the rivers, oceans, and so on as a result of which water gets polluted severely and also nobody looks after that.

But now since the lockdown has been declared for several days, the quality of water has upgraded in rivers and oceans as if it has been purely cleaned after so long time.


Due to large numbers of vehicles and active factories which produces pollution in the air, many people have to suffer through various respiratory problems in their daily life. But from the 1st day of lockdown in our country, air pollution declines to 71% as per the World air quality index.

The air quality is getting better, clean and fresh and also the atmosphere gets so clear and clean that everyone is standing on their balconies to feel the freshness of this purely cleaned air.


Our country contains the population of 130 crores and according to that almost everybody is working due to which maximum numbers of vehicles travel on the road regularly and hence, the vehicles produces a lot of noise population.

But now in this tough time, it’s another positive thing that is happening in the whole world as noise pollution can actually trouble a lot of people in some way.


Most of the times, old aged people always have to wait for their family members to get back to home and fetch the things whatever they need to them and some old aged people who don’t have much people around them always also have to look outside so that outsiders can help them but now the time has changed.

Since the declaration of lockdown, old aged people is getting all the care, attention, love and company of their family members. It’s actually the very positive point as those people are getting full time to spend with their special ones.


Few days back, there is no lesson on maintaining the hygiene properly, tips on hygiene and other topics related to hygiene. But from the day this pandemic “COVID – 19” has entered in our world, everybody from a kid to an old aged person are looking after their hygiene and maintain it well.

Practices like washing hands for at least 20 minutes, covering the face, sanitizing the hands, avoid touching the face before getting it wash properly and so on are being accepted by the public at large. Well, apart from this infection and even after the situation improves, hygiene should always be maintained in everyone’s house, office, or anywhere people go!


This is the most important things that almost everybody wants to have in his/her life. In our daily busy life, anybody was not getting that much of time to improve any skill they wanted but this lockdown has made it possible for everybody to give time to those skills which we are dedicated to learn but was not getting sufficient time to improve it.

But now you have that time by which you can improve those skills and you can be the best version of yourself by learning those valuable skills!

These are the positive things that is happening right now and you must consider as well as maintain in your life ahead also. If you always see the positive side even in the negative situation, then nobody can stop you to win the real race of life.

Always see the most negative situation as an opportunity or challenge for yourself because only negative situation of the life can make you even more better as a person!

Positive in Negative
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