Project Management

A specialized program is designed for aspirants pursuing a career in the field of project management. Diploma in Project Management is a 12-month program which provides students with an understanding of the processes and techniques required in project management. Theoretical and Practical learning are followed by an internship, depending upon the industry type.

Post successful completion of program, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of project management operations, including human resource management, risk management, budgeting and accounting, marketing, and business computer applications. Career opportunities exist in almost every industry, whether localised businesses or global markets, and in public and private sector both. Individuals can work in Event Planning, Film Industry, Health Care Industry, Government, IT, Education and Retail Organisations.

A candidate is required to have bachelor’s degree in field of management from any recognized university to be eligible for this program. Admission is based on merit and some of the elite institutes conduct exams/reviews along with merit as eligibility criteria.

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