Hustle in a run-of-the-mill life, stress and depression is intensely building up amongst human lives. Psychology has shaped its extremities in human lives like medicine. Understanding the intensification, many academic institutes offer courses in the field of psychology, encompassing basic level in a duration of 12 months.  

Diploma in Psychology is a 1-year programme being offered to aspirants, where-in students are given theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The subject focuses majorly on human behaviour and provides an understanding to analyse and treat people without medication, through counselling.

Admission is on merit basis. Further, the subject, for being so detailed and defined, can be pursued for Ph.D. programme as well. On career front, the domains have enormously expanded, from just being a professional to cure mental illness, to eliminate stress of people at all levels under private and government sector both. Psychologists are being hired in schools, hospitals, private companies, research organizations, corporate houses and NGOs. Also, a professional has an open option to shape career being self-employed post few years of practice.

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