Python Data Structures

Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence. The concept adds great value to the business. Study in statistics, data mining and data analytics boost up good to create structured programmes.

Python is one such leading programming language and is confined to doctorate level. Certification course like Diploma in Python Data Structure is one such programme that offers great deal of knowledge in specific time period, say 12-18 moths, through planned structures. The course covers detailed information on lists, dictionaries and tuples to carry out big data analysis. Python language, for its versatility, can be used at almost every phase involved in Data Science process. On career front, reports reveal that every 1 out of 3 programmers are accessing to Python Data Structures, making it practical and more functional in majority of organisations.

A candidate is required to have obtained graduation degree or equivalent from any recognized university and must have cleared at least one subject in statistics and mathematics each to be eligible for taking admission in the subject field.

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