Social Psychology

Diploma in Social Psychology is a 1.5-year specialized program focused on exploring human behaviour on how it responds to people and situations. The program is comprehensive and extensive for its techniques and studies that include certain occurrence like attitude, perception, social impact, interpersonal skills, etc. The diploma course guides its students to understand the concept of social psychology through research studies and experiments.

Post successful completion of program, aspirants gain in-depth knowledge on reasoning behind social interaction, and how it could benefit to improve within self. On career front, professionals have work opportunities in consultancy services and aspirants can plan academic progression as well.

A candidate is required to have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination with a minimum score of 50% in any stream from a recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admission to the course is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct review or counselling sessions as an additional eligibility criterion.

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