Sports and Recreation

Diploma in Sports and Recreation is a 1-year program focused on purveying recreation of sport services and products amongst government, private, and NPO sectors within societies. The program stresses on planning and development of healthy communities. Students, in the program, are offered an understanding on application of skills and knowledge to experience first-hand leadership management.

The course entails in-depth concepts of Marketing Recreation Experiences, Co-operative Education, Risk Management, Planning & Research, Recreation spaces, Administration and other technicalities related to subject field. The program is curated for aspirants with no prior knowledge and work experience; and so, the beginners have a good no. of opportunities for position like program co-ordinator, recreation co-ordinator, sports administrator, etc. Individuals can also work as freelancers or own a consultancy business, as the course lays foundational managerial concepts as well.

A candidate is required to have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination in any stream from any recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admission is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct reviews to check interpersonal skills of a candidate as an additional eligibility criterion.

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