Sports Nutrition

Even though it is obvious, some athletes and fitness enthusiasts are unaware of the impact that food can have on training and performance. A well-planned strategy on consumption of food surely yields a positive effect on fitness, recovery, competition, reduction in the risk of illness, and most importantly, helps in achieving optimal results. The productivity has led to the new horizons of nutrition and one of which is Sports Nutrition.

Diploma in Sports Nutrition is a 6-12-month program offering specialized skill in understanding the impact of food on a body. Students are offered varied concepts in theoretical understanding of nutrition for sports & fitness performance. Program is followed by an 8-12-week training where individuals understand the need of application of sports nutrition theories in real world. Individuals can easily find work opportunities, post successful completion of program, in the athletic departments, sports teams, wellness centres, etc.

A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level in any stream from a recognized board to be eligible to pursue career in the field of Sports Nutrition.

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