Sports Psychology

Diploma in Sports Psychology is a 1.5-year specialized course which studies the behaviour pattern of individuals connected to sports and its knowledge application on practical grounds. The concept of psychology in sports is reinvigorating and pacing up to be an advanced learning. This domain of psychology is focused on learning and analysing the behaviour and wellness of people associated to sports. The diploma course covers varied in-depth concepts like personality aspects, motivation & stress, aggression, analogy and anatomy.

As a career aspect, beginners can volunteer for research analysis or do a paid-internship, as a process to gain experience and practical knowledge. Professionals have opportunities to work with elite athletes or sportsmen, or as consultant to coaches, referees and instructors.

A candidate is required to have cleared senior school or equivalent level of examination in any stream from recognized board to be eligible for the program.  An aspirant needs no prior knowledge or experience in the field, for its well-structured modules covering basics to advanced processes, to shape career in the progressing field.

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