The Science of Well-Being

A professional program of The Science of Well-Being is a 1 -year program developed to deal and explore methods and processes to build positive behaviour and productivity in and around the human existence. The program aims at research and analysis of human psychology and to learn about the strategies related to welfare.

The course is defined and flexible in its approach that follows a series of activities and studies that define and unfold misconceptions about happiness in an individual’s life, followed by a phase which is a proven method to find scope of happiness through defined strategies. The diploma program encompasses in-depth concepts including varied strategies as a tool of practical study. On career front, individuals develop a feeling of happiness and gratitude that helps to build healthy environment and professionals have work opportunities in schools, colleges and hospitals, etc. An individual can set up health-care centre and provide consultancy services as well.

A candidate is required to have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination with a minimum score of 50% in any stream from a recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admission to the course is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct review or counselling sessions as an additional eligibility criterion.

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